The promotions are a way of attracting players to the casino. There are many different casinos offering different promotions and each casino tries to be more ingenious and exciting than the next. At Sunset Casino, the team seem to have lucked out and managed to offer one of the best promotions to welcome players to date. Newly registered players at the Sunset Casino are welcomed with a generous offer that is disguised in the form of 30 minutes of free play on any of the slots games. In addition to this the first deposit made by the player is matched up to the value of $250.

Other Promotions

The introductory offers are just the start of the many offers and promotions that Sunset casino gives to its players. Every week there are special offers for the player that provide him with extra money and time to use on the different casino games. There is also a VIP club that the player automatically joins through which he can earn comp points that are later exchanged for real money to use at the casino and there are special offers just for the VIP club members and even individual casino account managers for the higher-level members. Enjoying the promotions at the casino gives the player a boost and more time and money to enjoy the excellent offerings that this casino gives to its players for their loyalty and devotion.

Be sure you make the best of your welcome package at Sunset Mobile Casino

It’s natural to want to get on and play your favorite slots and games at Sunset Casino. Hang fire for just a second, though – there is a great way to make sure you get every penny of bonus funding in your account before you begin.

Look for the introductory bonus that welcomes all new players to this casino. Deposit for the first time and you’ll receive a handy bonus alongside your own funds. That is a great way to make that first deposit last way longer than you may originally have expected it to.

Can existing casino players expect to claim some bonuses too?

Yes, you can always count on finding some other deals worth digging through at Sunset Casino. Go to the promotions page, swipe up, and you’ll see all the available deals on offer just now. Could there be some enticing bonus opportunities there for you?

Deposit bonuses can apply to both new and existing players

Only the first deposit bonus is intended for newbies, as it applies to the first deposit only. However, other deposit bonuses might be spotted at Sunset Casino too. These usually apply to deposits made on specific days or for specific amounts. For instance, you might see a deposit deal that would trigger for a deposit worth, say, $20 or more. There could be different deals applicable to different deposit amounts too, so look through all the options you can find.

Did you know the Sunset Casino has a different no deposit bonus to enjoy?

Have you ever encountered a casino that offers 30 minutes of free play when you sign up? That’s an unusual deal and it makes this casino stand out in a major way. Be sure you have a half hour handy when you do decide to join, as you’ll only receive this once. Read the details of the offer prior to joining, so you can tell exactly how the rules work. It’s an intriguing and appealing deal though, don’t you think?

Free spin bonuses could appear throughout your membership

We do love a good free spins bonus, don’t you? With so many software developers involved at Sunset Casino, you’re going to find new games popping up all over the place. And some of those new games are going to be good to try, especially if a promo code pops up offering you some free spins for them.

Some deals are available daily, weekly, or for a month or more

Casinos love switching up their bonuses. One way to do this is by offering a different deal each day. As for the weekends, you’ll sometimes see a deal for Saturday and a separate one for Sunday. Alternatively, you might get a weekend deal that runs across both days.

The weekly and monthly offers are more likely to regularly change. Some might be relevant for specific months or times of the year, like New Year or Christmas, for example. And we all know October is a hot month for Halloween bonuses, right? You could spot all these or something entirely different at Sunset Casino.

Bitcoin bonus codes may not be a thing, but…

This is because Bitcoin isn’t among the options at the casino just yet. You might see other banking bonuses appear though. Who can tell when the next deal might appear?

The VIP membership program goes from Bronze to Diamond

Everyone who signs up and makes their first deposit is going to qualify for the VIP program. You can start picking up some comp points whenever you play, assuming you’re making real wagers. This is an automatic process, so there’s nothing to worry about concerning the collection of those points. The further you go through the program, the greater the potential rewards could be.

You’ll appreciate the loyalty program at Sunset Casino

Sunset Casino does reward its members as often as possible. The loyalty program is never something you should take for granted, so to find plenty of bonuses within this program is a great feature.

How can you make the most of the slot bonuses at Sunset Casino?

These bonuses are tailored towards slot games. You might spot various types too:

Bonuses to try games from a specific provider, i.e. NetEnt or Microgaming A new slot game bonus to give you a shot at trying something new Bonuses tailored towards seasonal slots

What else might you discover when you hunt down some slot game bonuses for Sunset Casino?

What about bonuses for trying some card games or table games?

So far, you’d be forgiven for thinking slot players were the only ones who were taken care of at this casino. Not so – you’ve got an option to look for table game bonuses and similar offers too. That promotional page at the casino is always the best one to visit whenever you arrive, since you can never be sure when anything new might appear.

Bonuses for special days and holidays can occur anytime of the year

Throughout the year, from New Year’s Day to the festive season, there are multiple opportunities to collect plenty of bonuses tailored towards events and occasions. Here are just a few you might want to think about:

  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • Independence Day
  • Summer vacation season
  • New Year
  • Chinese New Year

We bet you can think of plenty more, too. There could be a chance to pick up bonuses relating to spring, summer, fall, and winter as well. Sunset Casino doesn’t let the sun set on their great deals, that’s for sure.

Can you pick up a bonus opportunity by banking in a certain way?

There are lots of ways to deposit at this casino. The promo page should highlight any current banking methods that might incur a bonus when you deposit. Alternatively, details of any current options might also appear inside the cashier.

Learn how to use a bonus code the right way every time

Our first tip is to read the terms of the code. If you like what you see, you can then figure out how to use it. The terms should tell you just how each code works. Do you need to open an account at Sunset Casino to grab it, or is a deposit required? If you need to make a deposit, what is the minimum amount asked for to trigger that bonus?

Bonus code terms: Do you read them?

If not, you should. You can never count on different bonuses having the same terms. In fact, this is unlikely. You can, however, rely on the terms being in small print. Yes, we know, it’s not too exciting. It is essential to review those terms though, as they reveal just what might be in store for you each time you claim a code.

Limited-time bonus offers are never around for very long

Hence the name, right? Some deals do have expiry dates on them. Those that do not won’t necessarily be around forever, though. Make sure you review the deal and know that if you do not claim it, you could find it has disappeared or become invalid once you return.